We’re a young a fresh team of creative individuals who love what we do.

Christie Wengranowski Owner, Lead Designer

Christie is a planner and likes to make lots of checklists on any kind of paper she can find. She is also a good cook but sadly, a terrible baker. While baking cookies may not be a strong suit, Christie makes up for it by cooking up delicious logos, scrumptious designs and edible web designs that are a hit with clients at any dinner party.

Darby Arens Graphic Designer

Darby is a visual artist and graphic designer with a passion for collaboration and art that brings people together. When Darby is not in the office or art studio she can be found exploring and collecting all sorts of everyday treasures. This keen interest in her surroundings and attention to detail translates into her passions for layout, design, and organization. She also likes goats.

Amy Hall Junior Designer

Amy is an enthusiast of branding, typography and creating in general. She loves checking out new music and hitting up any concerts that are in town. She’s an optimist and it’s a little known fact that she’s terrified of moths and hates cake.


Todd Mumford CEO, Director of Marketing at Riverbed Marketing

While he isn’t busy helping small businesses build better marketing strategies, Todd can be found banging on random drums, shooting ball with his son and employing telepathy to suggest pizza and takeout to his wife. www.riverbedmarketing.com


Adera Angelucci & Ryan Smith Videographers at Spiro Creative

Adera brings over a decade of experience in TV and radio, media development, sales, marketing, promotions and event leadership. She sees your passion - the core message of why you do what you do - and brings an unparalleled level of communication and creative energy to each project, injecting each video with a genuine and impactful message. A trained actor and film school graduate of Queen’s University, Ryan has a wealth of experience on stage and screen, in front of, and behind, the camera. He sees the story - the core message of your video - and with that knowledge, forms a connection between the client and the audience, a relationship that is organic and honest and compels action from prospective clients. www.spirocreative.ca


Koda Lou Office Supervisor - 2004-2016

Koda played a very important role in keeping the FHDS office in order. Her big fluffy ears and sweet personality made her a joy to be around and she will be missed by the team and all of our amazing clients.